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Do your spirit guides watch you shower? 

Can you have an alien as a spirit guide? 

What if I don’t have a guide? 

Our spirit guides are constantly with us, even if we do not realize it. Your Guide Said What? A Spirit Guide Q & A, answers the questions many people have but were either afraid to ask or did not know who to ask.

Click to purchase: The Last Guardian

Her life is plagued with lucid dreams.

As a child, Charlie Jean Carson often played with an imaginary friend. Even after her mother demanded she stop pretending the brown the dog was real, CJ continued to speak with him, allowing his voice to become her constant companion and guide.

His is a world death and darkness.

Mika Elkhart does what he must as protector of the Guardians of Haven, even if that means hiding the truth to do so. The time has now come for him to reveal his true identity to CJ, and convince her to take her rightful place as the Guardian of Haven, before the world of shape-shifters can come to an end.

Without a Guardian, the time of Haven will come to an end. Without CJ, Mika will be lost in the darkness. 

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Your life will change today...

When Janet Beesinger writes the words in red on her calendar, she has no idea what they mean. But, as a psychic, she knows when the universe gifts you with personal information, you listen. How was she to know the Universe meant an irritating and sexy shape-shifter who would challenge everything about her life?

Saint Wolfe can feel the gravity of his arrangement with the goddess Hel closing in around him, forcing him to confront his past and the betrayal of the woman he was to marry. Needing to make peace with his past, he returns to New Orleans in search of forgiveness, only to be confronted by his own immortality. His only hope for atonement lies in the hands of a woman claiming to be a psychic. Will she be able to help Saint find salvation before his debt to Hel comes due?

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Two brothers, one woman.

Always the obedient son, Daniel put his own dreams on hold to run the family farm. Thanks to him, Aaron attended medical school and became one of the most sought after cardiologists and bachelors in all of Montgomery. 

Beth’s social status is everything Aaron needs in a wife, but she is too curvy, too lush; not the wispy, stylishly thin socialite a doctor of his status should have on his arm. Still, her family’s prominence is nearly enough to overcome her unfashionably curvaceous silhouette.

Aaron is everything Beth should desire in a husband, but should is not enough.  Where is the passion she knows must lie beneath the surface? Where is the fulfillment she craves? Her relationship with Aaron often leaves her confused and disappointed.

One weekend trip home to the farm changes everything. Plans are made, and plans go awry. Someone is bound to get hurt.

Beth must choose between passion and position. 

Two brothers, one chance for happiness.

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