Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ah! The journey

I just posted a quote to my Facebook page that said: You must love the journey as much as the destination. This is something I have to keep telling myself here lately, especially as I am spending a great deal of "free time" researching. Luckily for me, I like research. However, when I research on the internet, I have ADOWT; which stand for "Attention Deficit Oooooo What's This". Having this little condition makes my journey longer, but also very educational.

There was a time, I aspired to be an opera singer. Scratch that. I was and still am an opera singer, I just no longer perform. But, I remember the hours and hours of practice. Not only was there music to learn and memorize, but there were foreign languages, interpretation, stylistic consideration (Mozart should not sound like Wagner!), but the part I disliked the most--warm-ups. I wanted to sing songs, not the syllable "la" for 30 minutes! Ugh!

But I had a wonderful teacher who, one day, after becoming exasperated with me to the point of her being in tears, looked at me and said "unless you love the journey, you will never reach your destination."

It was a hard lesson for me to learn, but she was right. You have to love the journey. The road may be bumpy, and you may have to make a pit stop or two, but you should take time to enjoy it, love it,and embrace it.

So when I am bogged down with research, instead of playing with my imaginary friends, I have to remind myself, it's only a detour, and I should enjoy the view.