Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To everything turn, turn, turn

Some of us are great with change. Some of us not so much.

For the longest time my life seemed to be ever changing. There is way too much back story here and I won't bore you with the details. I don't know if it is has to do with cosmic alignment or being fed up with the way things are or just being "that age", but I am seeing a great deal of of friends and acquaintances going through the same things and some of you are having the same problem I am with embracing these changes.

 I have always considered myself to be part of the first aforementioned category. After all, I am an Aquarius. We should be able to go with the flow -right? We are supposed to like change. However, as Lee Corso would say: "Not so fast my friend." (It's official my husband's love of sports has corrupted me. Wait until I use the word stymied in a blog.)

But during my morning mediation, I realized I was still connected to one thing in particular, and that for me to move on, I must let it go, but this connection ran deeper that even I wanted to admit.

See, I have been having a hard time letting go of the house my husband and I own. It is in another state and we will never move back there.

However, it is the house we lived in the longest. It is the house where I lost three beloved pets and gained another. We had parties and holidays and laughed and cried. Most importantly, it is the house where I met and brought to life four wonderful characters and their world.

Sweet baby puppy
Somewhere, in the deep recesses of my mind, I have come to associate severing that connection with losing those other connections. The rational part of me knows that isn't true. I will always have the memories of those parties and people. It's not like I don't talk to most of them once a month or so. I will always have the memories of Simba, Boo and Bat Kitty. Izzy, my sweet baby girl, who now sleeps beside me as I write this. Plus we have added Ellie, the not so sweet baby girl.

Not so sweet baby puppy
 As far as my characters, they are all here, talking incessantly and driving me a bit batty. Saint's book is now finished so Ghost thinks it is his turn.

So what is the problem? Why don't I like change?

Change brings about the unknown, and the unknown brings about fear. I really wish that word could be stricken from the English language. I know it is one that I am striking from my own vocabulary every chance I get and embrace the changes that come my way. It is only a suggestion, but if you are going through changes and finding it difficult, then remove that word from your vocabulary. Who knows it just might help.

With love and blessing.