Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tag you're it

I have been tagged by Connie Johnson-Jasperson in the Lucky Seven Meme. Basically a meme is an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.

The rules are really simple and you get to post a bit of your WIP.

Here are the rules:

*go to page 77 of your current WIP *go to line 7

*copy down the next 7 lines/sentences as written and post them on your blog or website *tag 7 other authors

*let them know they've been tagged

The seven I am tagging are:

1. Danielle Raver Philosophies of a Young Heart
2. Bobby Mathews This Writing Life

3. Rachel Tsoumbakos

4. Inside the Mind of Wenona Hulsey

5.Marilyn Rucker Norrod 

6. Nicole Antonia Carson Sons of Roland

7.Brianna Lee McKenzie The Cozy Reading Room


             “Very well,” Saint replied. “I know you will tell us in your own sweet time.”
            “Of course,”Kel said.
            And there it was. There was no need for he or Fergus to probe any further. Kel had said all he was going to say on the subject. His silent was a trait Saint both admired and loathed.
            “So,” Kel began. “What brings the Wolfe brothers to my fair city?”
            Fergus was the first to speak. “My brother is here chasing ghosts.”
            Kel let loose a hearty laugh that shook the room. “Ghost! Where is that boy? Why I haven't seen him since...” Kel looked to Saint, then quickly cast his gaze to the floor.

Monday, March 19, 2012

To do list...

Things are rolling along pretty smoothly right now. I am packing the house getting ready for the “big move” that is coming, while tidying up loose ends and making new ones.So I wanted to give you guys an update on what was coming up with me and the writing. 

Tomorrow is the deadline for Name the Character contest. I am happy with the number of entrants that I have. On the 21st I plan on posting the names and letting everyone vote on which one they think is best. There will be a preliminary round and then the final round two weeks after that. So if you want a shot at naming my new character, you have until midnight tomorrow night.

The month of April will bring the opportunity for me and DanielleRaver, author of fantasy novel Brother Betrayed, to attend a couple of festivals. On April 21st, she and I will be at the Alabama Book Festival in Old Town Montgomery. The following weekend she and I will have a booth at TroyFest. Danielle and I will be signing autographs, and having a few contests for kids and adults alike. If you are in the area, come on by. 

Both events are free to the public.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I wanted to give an update on the contest that is going on for the book I am working on. Voting will begin on March 21st so if you would like to enter there is still time.
You can view all the details by clicking on the Theriontrope Foundation logo (TM) .

Here is a list of the names I have received so far:

Mingan (means grey wolf)
Tanek (immortal)
Charlie Bishop
Indigo Frost

Monday, March 5, 2012

My review of Black Numbers

Black NumbersBlack Numbers by Dean Frank Lappi

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a professed geek I found the premise of Black Numbers rather intriguing. The idea of magic, math and sex being reliant upon each other is rather clever. The imaginary world Dean Lappi creates is as well described as his characters. It is very easy to climb into his world and imagine walking the road with his main character, Sid.

I will caution readers this may not be the book to read before going to bed. I made that mistake the first night. Lappi's monster, the Kopor, is one that gets under your skin. Maybe it is the anticipation of what the creature represents, but I found the Korpor to be one of the scariest characters I have come across in a while.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and am awaiting the sequel. I am giving it 4 stars because of keeping me awake that first night.

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