Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not so Smurftastic

Here lately I feel like a bunch of Smurfs all rolled into one big giant Smurf. Some of them you may never have heard of, but they were there. I am Grouchy, Frustrated, Fed up and Tired as Hell. You may ask why I am a giant Smurf at the moment, and I will tell you. (I know you didn’t think I would make you guess.)

Over the past few days, friends of mine have been bullied and insulted all because of someone’s ignorance. The crazy thing is one of my friends is being harassed because she dared to stand up to the original bullies. Please keep in mind all these people are adults.  

I realize it is as Will Wheaten said to Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory. Sheldon’s hatred of Wheaten actually gave him rent free living space inside Sheldon’s head, and if you think about it, that’s true. For someone to dislike you enough for your appearance, opinions or differences that they “call you out” in public, means that you have taken up residence in their psyche. It's kind of humorous to think I could have that much of an effect on a person or persons especially ones I have never met.

I have to remind myself that someone who does such things must be very unhappy and insecure with themselves. To constantly look for the faults in another takes a great deal of energy. I am not perfect by any means. I was one of those people who looked faults in others until it dawned on me that the faults I found in others were predicated on my own insecurities in relation to my looks and abilities.  

I know we cannot or will not always like everyone or everything in this world. Our likes and dislikes make us who we are, and that is a good thing. I like animal prints and I dislike stripes. I dislike my food touching, but I like peanut butter and chocolate. I only wish that before people lash out at others for whatever reason, they would stop and really examine why they feel the way they do. But, alas, I know that will not happen because those individuals would have to gain a level of maturity they will probably never reach.

To that end, I shall remain a big ole’ Smurf.


  1. I so get the food not touching thing! :p

  2. I try to stay Happy Smurf or Head-in-the-Clouds Smurf. I feel like ignoring trolls is the best revenge.

  3. Well said! I wish there were more people willing to stand up for others and although your friend has paid dearly for her loyalty, she should be applauded!

    If I were her I would be a Proud Smurf and not let immature ignoramuses get her down! I bet they were bullies at school and have never grown up!