Thursday, May 19, 2011

The love of an animal

Yesterday was a tough day for me. It seemed that everything I saw on TV, including commercials, was enough to make me cry. The worst was when I watched a video about a little dog named Mason. Mason was injured during the horrific tornado outbreak that hit Alabama a couple of weeks ago. He sustained radial, ulnar fractures on both of his front legs. His family had no idea where he ended up after the storm. Yet, this little dog who was battered and starved crawled his way back home, and his family did not find him until 2 weeks later when they returned home.

This story was so sweet and wonderful, it broke my heart. You see, I have a little scruffy puppy that my husband and I adopted from the animal shelter when she was only 6 weeks old. Her name is Ismeralda (Izzy for short), and she is my heart.

The funny thing is I wasn't ready for a puppy. Ricky even had to talk me into getting her. I didn't want to be responsible for teaching her to go outside or having to clean up after her or her whining to be let out of her cage. But now I cannot imagine my life without her. To think her in the same position as Mason...I can't even go there.

Izzy has filled my life with such an incredible amount of joy and happiness, I cannot even begin to describe it. All she has to do is look at me and I melt. To look in her face is to see unconditional love, the creator's love, and the fact she is unashamed to show it, humbles me. Whether I am gone eight seconds, 8 minutes or 8 hours, she greets with such enthusiasm that, even on my darkest days, I have to smile, and I cannot imagine my life without her now.

As for Mason, he is in a shelter in Birmingham, I believe. I hope and pray the veterinarians can figure out a way to mend his legs, and that he will be able to join his family again.

As for me, I think I will head home and take Izzy for a walk.

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